DIY Projects

I’ve got countless bookmarked links to DYI projects I want to try, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few that I’m really excited to start when I get back to Burlington. A great way to spend my free time, and the results will be great additions to my new apartment. Click the pictures for links to the tutorials!

This one looks like a fun way to edit and display my pictures- only problem is deciding which to choose!

Even though it will only hold a few necklaces, I think a branch necklace holder will look like a beautiful piece of art on the wall.

Another unique way to display photos. The more I can fit in one frame, the better!

I love all things candles, and by adding the sticks I can give a nice woods-y feel to my room. These will be great to set a winter-y scene in the cold Burlington nights.

This one is the one I’m most excited for! I have so much jewelry and never can find a jewelry holder big enough and fabulous enough: so I should just make my own! I love these antique drawers, and am not quite sure where to find them, but in Burlington I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of thrifting (to make up for lost time here! In Peru there are no thrift stores) and have got to keep my eye open for something like this. Here you can find a gallery of cool pictures, and here you can find a DIY tutorial.



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Isaac and I headed out of the city last weekend to a little town called Lunahuana. The drive down was beautiful and nice to spend some time just us.

We spent the night enjoying some chilcanos and pisco sours. Found a cool little pizza place run by three old women who were adorable! They made us fresh pizza right in front of us, then we chatted over some sangria while it cooked in the pizza oven.

The next day we got up early for some adventures. After suiting up in our life vests and helmets we got a quick lesson in the commands “arriba!” “atras!” “alto!” and then we dove right into the water. Although we were only in level 2 and 3 rapids, it was still a thrill! I know we’ll be looking for a new opportunity soon to get into some more intense waters.

Next we suited up in a new strapy outfit and got hook up to a thick wire, then pushed off a ledge! 60 soles for less than a minute of soaring down over the river, above the tree tops, and surrounded by mountains. It was quick, but beautiful! Really felt like I was flying.

There wasn’t much more to do in Lunahuana so we headed out later that day. Home sweet Lima.


Now this week, we haven’t got any plans for the weekend, but I’m just happy whenever I can enjoy my time with Isaac. I don’t care what we’re doing. On that note, I’ve been feeling so weepy every time I think about how fast the time is flying, and how I’ll be leaving soon. Although I’m so excited for what’s coming next in my life: getting to be home for a [very short] little while, then going back to Burlington and starting my life there (again).

I feel kind of guilt for being excited for what happens after I leave, and torn because I know how devastated I am about leaving. In a perfect world, Isaac could just come back home with me. Boo-hoo.

But we are together now- and that is what matters.


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To The Greatest Mother Out There,



Since you brought me into this world, you’ve always loved me and done everything you could to take care of your family.



Even though sometimes I’m sure you wanted some alone time, you were always there for us. I thank you for that even though we clearly drove you a little crazy sometimes 🙂



Today we’ve formed a beautiful friendship and amazing relationship. You’re really the best mommy! Thanks for everything you’ve ever done and ever will do.


Rosie, always be your little girl 🙂



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So this week is midterms week, which means no classes, and by some miracle, only 3 exams for me! I’m done with two and free until Saturday night (weird time for an exam…).

We’re back in Isaac house, moved out of the apartment. We spent all our time there anyway, so now it’s nice to save some money. Plus with the deposit money we got back, we’re going to travel to the SELVA!

I’m staying here until Isaac graduation in August! It’s going to be so special to be here for that 🙂

And my birthday is coming up sooo close! Hopefully we can get out of the city for the weekend for some relaxing-clean air- romantic- getaway- time. I’m thinking about Luna Hunana. Lots to do like wine tasting, zip lines, rafting, hikes, horse back rides, and of course lots of eating and drinking.

But vacations must wait, and now I must study. Chau!



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Sorry I waited so long to update about the family trip to Cusco, but since the family left I’ve been pretty busy.

Cusco was amazing! We continued having a wonderful time together, but the Bick’s famous indecisiveness led me to taking over not only as tour guide, but BOSS. Haha, no point in going on a vacation if everyone is going to sit around wasting time with “what should we do?” and “i don’t care”- SO, I decided, fine, if no one know’s or care’s then I will just push us along so we actually get to do something.

We had a hectic time getting to Aguas Calientes because we missed our train that departed out of Cusco City. Somehow there was a car waiting for people like us- and drove the 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Cusco to Ollantaytambo in under an hour so we could catch our train from there. Finally in Aguas Calientes after a high stress morning, we made it to the hotel Machu Picchu Sanctuary Hotel which is literally at the gate of Machu Picchu!

After lunch we met our tour guide Edgar, a really friendly and energetic guy, and went on a three hour or so tour of Machu Picchu. I had a really wonderful spiritual experience in the Temple of the Condor, and that helped to remind me that I’m still searching for some way to channel and focus my spiritual energy. We had a lot of fun together, then after a small dinner, we were all pooped and crashed.

Woke up SUPER EARLY aka 5 in the morning, to see the sun rise over Machu Picchu, but the fog kept us from having a nice view. Anyway, we all set off on our own personal time walks and I walked down to the Inka Bridge, which was really beautiful. Something I missed my first time around. Then I found mom doing some sketching and dragged her to take a walk with me. So we got some great mommy/ rosie time.

It was sad parting with the family. Seeing them was so fantastic. Really great for all of us to have some bonding time, and so nice for the to finally meet Isaac.

Now, during the long weekend, me and Isaac are moving out of the apartment and back into the house. So I’ve got to go finish some packing then deep clean the place- a task more difficult than it sounds, despite the tiny-ness of the room!

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The Bick’s DO Lima, Peru

The family finally arrived safe into the airport on a foggy night in Callao. After nervously waiting about an hour, Isaac and I saw them coming through the door and greeted them with big hugs, an inka cola, and a fear tears (lily).

We took them to their ritsy hotel in Miraflores looking out over the ocean, and then went across the street to Larco Mar for a light dinner.

During the past few days we’ve been busy during our days going around to the different districts of Lima where we can see such different and unique personalities in each one.

In Centro de Lima we walked through Plaza de Armas where we could see the President’s House and his guards standing watch, and the Cathedral of Lima (which, unfortunately was closed and we never made it back). We walked through the old buildings- many of which are yellow- to the San Francisco Catacombs and Cathedral. Some more walking and exploring, and a nice lunch where almost everyone tried civiche and my favorite lomo saltado.

In Magdalena we got to wander through a market where we find all the meats and fishes, fruits and veggies, nuts and candies, and everything in between. I bought the family a granadia- aka, the booger fruit- and cut it open to give everyone a slurp of the gooey insides. After that we sat in the park people watching while sipping up some fresh juice.

In Miraflores and San Isidro we visited the tastiest restaurants and did a lot of walking around. In San Isidro we walked through Parke Olivar, a park filled with a variety of birds and a row of old olive trees. In Miraflores we took an evening stroll to Love Park or Parke del Amor where although the thick fog kept us from seeing a gorgeous view of the ocean, we got to pose with the mosaics and try to translate all the quotes about love.

In Puebo Libre we went to the beautiful Museo Larco where we were taken through a history lesson of the pre-incan and incan civilizations, a room of erotic ceramics, and a gorgeous garden I’ve got my eye on for a potential wedding spot 😉

At night we went back to Centro de Lima where we got to be transported from Lima to different regions around Peru by watching a live band and live dances from each region. The dancers were amazing as they flew across the stage in their gorgeous and colorful traditional costumes. And when the audience got a chance to get on stage and dance, I dragged Isaac and the family from the table and made them get involved.

We also got to spend one evening walking through the circuit of magic water at the water park. Full of fountains light up colorfully, we took a lot of pictures and tried our best not to get wet. There was even a water show of colors and holographics.

Now we’re off to Cusco and Machu Pichu! More details and pictures to come!

Besos Lima, Hola Cusco!

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Semana Santa

Semana Santa, Holy Week, started today. Semana Santa is a national holiday and pretty much everyone has today and tomorrow off work and school. A big week for family and friends to travel, but me and Isaac are staying in Lima. A nice 5 day weekend for me (I don’t have classes on Monday)!!

Leaves us lots of time to sleep, go to the beach, and watch moviessss. Today we went to the black market and bought 3 seasons of tv and 20 movies! We’ve started a new season of tv called Game of Thrones. SO GOOD so far! My friend Bri claims it’s better than True Blood… so we’ll see if that’s true/possible.

Isaac and I have got our one year anniversary coming up (!!) in a few days, and in a week the family will be here! Such an exciting month! It’s going to be really nice to see the family. With easter and passover happening I’ve been a little nostalgic for the times we were all together for the holidays.

Anyway, got to get to sleep to get energy for a looong and relaxing day at the beach with the girls tomorrow!

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