So I’ve finally starting reading my Bubbie’s book “Walking the Precipice” and it’s bringing up a lot for me.

Not only is it motivating to a young, impressionable semi activist/feminist such as much; rich in historical, cultural, and religious information; and inspiring to learn and do more; but being Barbra’s granddaughter, it’s really making me miss her.

My boyfriend asked me to tell him about inspirational people in my life, and while many people in my family, the women especially, came to my mind, today I would like to dedicate my post to the very inspirational Barbra Bick, my Bubbie.

Summing up this woman in a few words is difficult because she encompassed so much. She pushed my limits, was tough, made me doubt myself, made me want to try harder, made me want to be more, and often made me cry. One might say that these qualities are not very kind, but as intimidating as my Bubbie could be, she also could be warm. She could make me laugh, tell me some great stories, make me proud of myself, encourage me, tell me I could do whatever I wanted, that I can make a difference, that I was special.

Not only did she pass to me the Jewish heritage for which I am so proud, but she also played a role in helping me to become the critical thinking, stubborn, passionate person I am today.

While reading this book I am learning a lot of things from an academic perspective, but I’m also learning a lot of things about my Bubbie that I never knew. There are so many things I would like to ask her about, know more, hear more stories. How did she do it? What was it like? And there are so many things I would like to talk to her about. Religion, humanity, current events, history, and all the things I’m constantly thinking about. I know she always loved me, but I wish she was here today to really know me, to be proud of me.

I will always be proud to be the granddaughter of this special woman. Just like all the women in my life, I hope to do some amazing things and inspire my children and grandchildren.




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2 responses to “Bubbie

  1. Oh Rosie, your Bubbie IS proud of you. She’s watching, and she knows what an amazing woman you have grown up to be. Also, I promise, you will inspire your own grandchildren someday, like your grandmothers inspire you. You are amazing. XO

  2. I had read this when you originally wrote it, but forgot how wonderful it is. You are amazing little one, and the women in your life (all of them) are very proud of who you are becoming. You go girl. other gram

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