Un Día Bonita!

What a nice Saturday I had today. We woke up kind of early because Isaac’s mom Doris made us fried plantains and my favorite scrambled eggs and chorizo. After stuffing ourselves, we climbed back into bed and watched a great movie called Harrison’s Flowers- a true story about an American journalist covering the civil war in Yugoslavia in 1991 who goes missing, and the story of his wife who goes looking for him.

Isaac had to go to school for graduation rehearsal, so I had a little time to clean and do some reading before I went and met him for lunch. But not before stopping in Parke Olivar to catch a free blue’s concert in the park.

We got our usual at the Arab restaurant in Parke Kennedy: Falafels! And a cold Inka Cola to wash it all down. After some people watching we got one of my favorite Peruvian deserts: Picarones.


After lunch, on such a beautiful day, we found ourselves in our new favorite park a Lima. Somewhere in San Isidro right on the cliff, is this great park/playground/place that has an amazing lookout over the ocean, people everywhere walking dogs or rollerblading or just hanging out in the grass. We stayed until the sunset  – I wish I had a picture, but it was too beautiful to look away for even a second. It always amazes me when I can literally watch it go down.

Give me and sunset over the ocean and something sweet to eat and I will tell you it’s a great day!

We ended up back at home for some cuddles and more movies. Love spending my days outside doing things, even if I’m just people watching. Fresh air always feels good to me, and if I can’t escape into the natural world so easily in this big city, and least I’m located right on the rocky coast, so ocean is always by my side.


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  1. Lovely, lovely little one. Sounds like a day you will always remember… sights, sounds, smells will bring the memory back! Love you honey! Hi to Isaac. xx00 Gram

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