Feliz Dia Papa!

I hate to be away from the family on special day’s like this one. After an hour long wait, the rest of the Bick’s made it into Art Cliff for some father’s day brunch, and all I get is a phone call. Here in Lima I’ve been eating and celebrating with the family since 10 am! Spending so much time with my Peruvian family makes me miss spending time with my real family.

Looking forward to getting home and spending much time with them as possible!

So Happy Father’s Day dad! It’s been so nice getting older and getting closer to you, and I can only hope that we’ll keep getting closer. Love you so much!



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3 responses to “Feliz Dia Papa!

  1. Rosie you are an angel, and you have a precious Dad! We are so proud of you and miss you so much! Gram

  2. Aw Rosie, Dad misses you so much! I don’t think I have ever seen him so happy to know another person as he is to know you. You’re lucky to have him (and he’s lucky to have you!) XO Mom

  3. Robby Bick

    Yeah, all that and more…

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