Isaac and I headed out of the city last weekend to a little town called Lunahuana. The drive down was beautiful and nice to spend some time just us.

We spent the night enjoying some chilcanos and pisco sours. Found a cool little pizza place run by three old women who were adorable! They made us fresh pizza right in front of us, then we chatted over some sangria while it cooked in the pizza oven.

The next day we got up early for some adventures. After suiting up in our life vests and helmets we got a quick lesson in the commands “arriba!” “atras!” “alto!” and then we dove right into the water. Although we were only in level 2 and 3 rapids, it was still a thrill! I know we’ll be looking for a new opportunity soon to get into some more intense waters.

Next we suited up in a new strapy outfit and got hook up to a thick wire, then pushed off a ledge! 60 soles for less than a minute of soaring down over the river, above the tree tops, and surrounded by mountains. It was quick, but beautiful! Really felt like I was flying.

There wasn’t much more to do in Lunahuana so we headed out later that day. Home sweet Lima.


Now this week, we haven’t got any plans for the weekend, but I’m just happy whenever I can enjoy my time with Isaac. I don’t care what we’re doing. On that note, I’ve been feeling so weepy every time I think about how fast the time is flying, and how I’ll be leaving soon. Although I’m so excited for what’s coming next in my life: getting to be home for a [very short] little while, then going back to Burlington and starting my life there (again).

I feel kind of guilt for being excited for what happens after I leave, and torn because I know how devastated I am about leaving. In a perfect world, Isaac could just come back home with me. Boo-hoo.

But we are together now- and that is what matters.



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2 responses to “Adventures

  1. Sweetheart what a life you are living! I miss you sooo much but I’m so happy for you too… You can make anything you want happen — and you know you have us in your corner… how can we help get Isaac up here?
    I once went parasailing — though that’s as close to your amazing ride down the mountain as I got — and it does feel like flying! And oh those rapids! I’ve never done that but always wanted to. You look glorious in your pictures! Can’t wait to see you my little one! Hi to Isaac! Gram

  2. Great story! I’m so glad you had a good time. You are very introspective, too. Melancholy always seems to accompany changes, there is good and bad…. Just keep talking, we’re here for you! XO

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