To The Greatest Mother Out There,



Since you brought me into this world, you’ve always loved me and done everything you could to take care of your family.



Even though sometimes I’m sure you wanted some alone time, you were always there for us. I thank you for that even though we clearly drove you a little crazy sometimes 🙂



Today we’ve formed a beautiful friendship and amazing relationship. You’re really the best mommy! Thanks for everything you’ve ever done and ever will do.


Rosie, always be your little girl 🙂




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4 responses to “To The Greatest Mother Out There,

  1. Rosie this is amazing. It made me so happy! You are the most wonderful young woman, and you are right — you do have the best Mommy!!!!
    Love you both!!!!

    • I wouldn’t be so lucky if it wasn’t for another very special woman, and then another very wonderful woman before her! Super love to all the woman who have gotten me here 🙂

      • I wish for you children that are as wonderful, brave, smart, and loving as you are… 🙂
        I’m going to send it, but the NEW YORK TIMES Magazine ethicist column yesterday was about “to eat meat or not to eat meat,” and it featured readers essays… the number one essay was wonderful — and was written by a man from Prescott College!!!!
        Love you Gram

  2. I just read this all again, and cried all over again with joy. You are pretty neat, you know!
    Love you

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