So this week is midterms week, which means no classes, and by some miracle, only 3 exams for me! I’m done with two and free until Saturday night (weird time for an exam…).

We’re back in Isaac house, moved out of the apartment. We spent all our time there anyway, so now it’s nice to save some money. Plus with the deposit money we got back, we’re going to travel to the SELVA!

I’m staying here until Isaac graduation in August! It’s going to be so special to be here for that 🙂

And my birthday is coming up sooo close! Hopefully we can get out of the city for the weekend for some relaxing-clean air- romantic- getaway- time. I’m thinking about Luna Hunana. Lots to do like wine tasting, zip lines, rafting, hikes, horse back rides, and of course lots of eating and drinking.

But vacations must wait, and now I must study. Chau!




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5 responses to “Update

  1. This is your twentieth birthday coming up sooon isn’t it princess! And which Birthday for Isaac? Study hard and good luck on the last exam… and be careful on the zip line! I love you darling… gram

  2. Isaac is going to be 21! It can’t be!!!!! I need an address chiquita!
    I love you so much my darling darling Rosie. I can remember holding you when you were just 1 or 2… you have always been so precious!
    XX00 gram

    • Haha noo grandma, I’m going to be 21. It turns 26 in August!! (Holy cow, he’s almost 30….. wierddddd)

      • You are not going to be 21! This is not possible! This is not conceivable! And Didn’t anyone ever tell you that you can’t trust anyone over 30 (unless its your mom or dad or gram or bill?????) I love you honey but I do not believe you are going to be 21… let me think 1991???? May 1991??? Oh my gosh… this is one of the big birthday’s!!!!!!!!!!
        Love you little one… I’m in shock and going to a corner to contemplate!
        Gram XX00

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