Sorry I waited so long to update about the family trip to Cusco, but since the family left I’ve been pretty busy.

Cusco was amazing! We continued having a wonderful time together, but the Bick’s famous indecisiveness led me to taking over not only as tour guide, but BOSS. Haha, no point in going on a vacation if everyone is going to sit around wasting time with “what should we do?” and “i don’t care”- SO, I decided, fine, if no one know’s or care’s then I will just push us along so we actually get to do something.

We had a hectic time getting to Aguas Calientes because we missed our train that departed out of Cusco City. Somehow there was a car waiting for people like us- and drove the 1 and 1/2 hour drive from Cusco to Ollantaytambo in under an hour so we could catch our train from there. Finally in Aguas Calientes after a high stress morning, we made it to the hotel Machu Picchu Sanctuary Hotel which is literally at the gate of Machu Picchu!

After lunch we met our tour guide Edgar, a really friendly and energetic guy, and went on a three hour or so tour of Machu Picchu. I had a really wonderful spiritual experience in the Temple of the Condor, and that helped to remind me that I’m still searching for some way to channel and focus my spiritual energy. We had a lot of fun together, then after a small dinner, we were all pooped and crashed.

Woke up SUPER EARLY aka 5 in the morning, to see the sun rise over Machu Picchu, but the fog kept us from having a nice view. Anyway, we all set off on our own personal time walks and I walked down to the Inka Bridge, which was really beautiful. Something I missed my first time around. Then I found mom doing some sketching and dragged her to take a walk with me. So we got some great mommy/ rosie time.

It was sad parting with the family. Seeing them was so fantastic. Really great for all of us to have some bonding time, and so nice for the to finally meet Isaac.

Now, during the long weekend, me and Isaac are moving out of the apartment and back into the house. So I’ve got to go finish some packing then deep clean the place- a task more difficult than it sounds, despite the tiny-ness of the room!


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  1. Rosie I love you so much! Your reports are wonderful — so full of detail, so charming, so “you!”

    Why are you moving?????Que pasa? How’s school? How are YOU????
    Miss you soooo much! xxoo

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