The Bick’s DO Lima, Peru

The family finally arrived safe into the airport on a foggy night in Callao. After nervously waiting about an hour, Isaac and I saw them coming through the door and greeted them with big hugs, an inka cola, and a fear tears (lily).

We took them to their ritsy hotel in Miraflores looking out over the ocean, and then went across the street to Larco Mar for a light dinner.

During the past few days we’ve been busy during our days going around to the different districts of Lima where we can see such different and unique personalities in each one.

In Centro de Lima we walked through Plaza de Armas where we could see the President’s House and his guards standing watch, and the Cathedral of Lima (which, unfortunately was closed and we never made it back). We walked through the old buildings- many of which are yellow- to the San Francisco Catacombs and Cathedral. Some more walking and exploring, and a nice lunch where almost everyone tried civiche and my favorite lomo saltado.

In Magdalena we got to wander through a market where we find all the meats and fishes, fruits and veggies, nuts and candies, and everything in between. I bought the family a granadia- aka, the booger fruit- and cut it open to give everyone a slurp of the gooey insides. After that we sat in the park people watching while sipping up some fresh juice.

In Miraflores and San Isidro we visited the tastiest restaurants and did a lot of walking around. In San Isidro we walked through Parke Olivar, a park filled with a variety of birds and a row of old olive trees. In Miraflores we took an evening stroll to Love Park or Parke del Amor where although the thick fog kept us from seeing a gorgeous view of the ocean, we got to pose with the mosaics and try to translate all the quotes about love.

In Puebo Libre we went to the beautiful Museo Larco where we were taken through a history lesson of the pre-incan and incan civilizations, a room of erotic ceramics, and a gorgeous garden I’ve got my eye on for a potential wedding spot šŸ˜‰

At night we went back to Centro de Lima where we got to be transported from Lima to different regions around Peru by watching a live band and live dances from each region. The dancers were amazing as they flew across the stage in their gorgeous and colorful traditional costumes. And when the audience got a chance to get on stage and dance, I dragged Isaac and the family from the table and made them get involved.

We also got to spend one evening walking through the circuit of magic water at the water park. Full of fountains light up colorfully, we took a lot of pictures and tried our best not to get wet. There was even a water show of colors and holographics.

Now we’re off to Cusco and Machu Pichu! More details and pictures to come!

Besos Lima, Hola Cusco!


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  1. Rosie rosie Rosie!!!! Wonderful report… I can just see you all moving through all those wonderful places! Wish I was with you! Kisses and hugs to everyone!!!! Love you honey…Gram

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