Semana Santa

Semana Santa, Holy Week, started today. Semana Santa is a national holiday and pretty much everyone has today and tomorrow off work and school. A big week for family and friends to travel, but me and Isaac are staying in Lima. A nice 5 day weekend for me (I don’t have classes on Monday)!!

Leaves us lots of time to sleep, go to the beach, and watch moviessss. Today we went to the black market and bought 3 seasons of tv and 20 movies! We’ve started a new season of tv called Game of Thrones. SO GOOD so far! My friend Bri claims it’s better than True Blood… so we’ll see if that’s true/possible.

Isaac and I have got our one year anniversary coming up (!!) in a few days, and in a week the family will be here! Such an exciting month! It’s going to be really nice to see the family. With easter and passover happening I’ve been a little nostalgic for the times we were all together for the holidays.

Anyway, got to get to sleep to get energy for a looong and relaxing day at the beach with the girls tomorrow!


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  1. I feel sad knowing you are so far away on the holiday… I woke up thinking about you! But I’m glad you are with Isaac and have a long wonderful weekend ahead of you. Don’t forget to hard boil eggs and “crack” them to see who’s a winner on Sunday…A little food coloring or even a red beet cooked in the water with the eggs will color them! Go to mass if you can…and know we are all thinking of you and missing you sooo much
    Love you darling!

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