San Ignacio de Loyola

So, I’ve officially finished my first full week of classes at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. And so far they all seem great.

All the classes are small, so the discussions can be intimate and personal instead of sitting through a lecture class, and that is the kind of environment I really enjoy learning in. All my classes are in english (except, of course, my intermediate spanish course), but there is a mix of international and peruvian students, so although we are supposed to talk in english, spanish practice is indeed present.

Aside from my long commute every day (I swear, by the time I leave in July, I’m going to have spent a solid month on the micros up and down Javier Prado) I’m enjoying my classes.

Now that life has gotten busy again, I’m excited it’s finally the weekend, and I once again can feel grateful for sleeping in and having full days free to do anything.

I’m also finally going to get to a doctor this weekend (I hope) to get a thorough round of testing for parasites, infections, and possible allergies- this lifetime of stomach problems has just gone too far! I can’t continue living like this! (drraaammaticccccc lol), but really, I can only eat so much sopa de dieta and soda crackers before I’m dying to eat ice cream and fried foods…. lets hope I don’t find out I’ve got some intense allergy like gluten or dairy (casually ignoring the fact that I actually kind of am allergic to dairy… hehhh) because anything that comes between me and my love affair with food is not going to sit well with me.


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  1. Oh my darling Rosie! How fun! You are quite the internationalist, my little one! You know those long bus rides may be just the time you need for quiet reflection and experience… I can’t wait to hear the details of your wonderful classes… Guess what! Indi got certified today as a hospital-visiting dog!!!!

    Love you honey! Gramma

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