Solo 3 dias mas!

Finally Bri will be heading down to visit in just 3 days!! I’m sooo excited, especially for the list of US products I requested jaja. She gets into Lima late on Thursday night, so I’m sure we’ll just head back to the apartment, but the days after her arrival until she leaves will be packed with fun stuff to do.

I’m thinking spending 2 days in the south to visit the ruins at Pachacamac then spend the night partying in Punta Hermosa. The day after will be dedicated to the sandy beaches and sun! I’m also planning to spend a day getting an early start and bussing it to Matucana where we’ll hike up to a gorgeous waterfall, maybe take a dip, then head back to Lima that night. And the most exciting trip will be a day in Ica visiting wineries and taking a boat tour to see some penguins, seals, and nazca lines! Then the next day we’ll hop over to Huacachina to visit the famous oasis in the middle of the desert, take a crazy buggy ride through the sand dunes, and go sand boarding!

Aside from all that I’ve got lots planned for our time in the city, like paragliding; taking bri to try some civiche, causa, raspadillas, and pisco sours; and visiting plenty of museums, monuments, and an awesome water fountain park. Maybe we’ll even go to a traditional dance show to give her a taste of all the different traditions cultures around Peru.

Needless to say, I’m so excited. Not only do I get to see my best friend, but I also have an excuse to spend a little bit out of my budget and do all these fun things!

Towards the end of her visit I’m going to have to start my classes at USIL, but by then hopefully she’ll have grasped a bit of the feel of the city so she can feel comfortable spending a day or two on her own exploring.


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  1. Wow! Wish I was there to do those wonderful things with you! By the way — you sound like an outstanding tour guide, and there’s a career in that, you know. That or travel writer… The down side of the career is NOT ENOUGH TIME AT HOME — but the upside is “quite a life!” I love you honey… be careful! And don’t forget about starting school!!!! šŸ™‚

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