familia <3

Lazy Saturday’s mean sleeping late and having some quality skype time. I had a dream last night about seeing my whole family, even my great great and bubbie- so I woke up in the mood to talk to grandma 🙂 While talking to my lovely grandmother she reminded me that my great great’s 99th birthday was this month! So happy birthday to GG!

I also talked to my lil sis for a while, and was so proud to hear she scored GREAT on the SATs! Sometimes living in the shadow of my super smart siblings and cousins has it’s downsides, but I love to watch them succeed so well, and have their hard work pay off! Congrats Lil!

All is well here in Lima, missing my people back home, but loving my life here 🙂



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2 responses to “familia <3

  1. Oh my Rosie there is noone on earth like you and I’m so so happy you are my granddaughter. You are amazing, you know. Beautiful, smart, and so wonderfully human! I love you Gram

  2. Rosie, just the other day Rayne and I were talking about your unique kind of intelligence. We agreed you are incredibly smart. Don’t you ever doubt it!

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