Practice Practice Practice

I’m off to start my second cycle of spanish classes at La Catolica this morning, but am bummed out because we’re out of milk so I can’t have a bowl of coco krispies… I guess toast it is.

I’m really hoping to hold onto the inspiration I’ve got now for studying. As mom told me, I really can’t go home until I can speak spanish- a threat I’m willing to accept. Last month I wasn’t too lazy practicing, but I wasn’t going out of my way to continue learning. This month as I enter a new course with [hopefully] more challenging material, I can learn more vocab and grammar as well as practicing.

I’ve been trying to find a good spanish workbook so I can be doing some more work practicing grammar, but surprisingly they’re hard to find in this city. If only I could just go online and order one from amazon… oh the luxuries of home. Speaking of, I’m expecting a package full of delicious american (well made in china/indonesia/thailand sold in the states) products! Can’t wait to receive it!

Missing everyone lately. REALLY looking forward to a visit from BRI and then from the BICK FAMILY!


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  1. Did I tell you how much I really loved this post? You are such a smart, lovely, amazing granddaughter! Wow Rosie. Just Wow! I love you honey… gram

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