Living in Lima

So I’ve been living in Lima, Peru the past few weeks, so I haven’t gotten a chance to upload my blog.

The deliciously sunny days are making me very lazy, and after my daily spanish classes every morning you can find me basking in the sun on la playa en costa verde, drinking a cerveza under the shade of a tree in el parke olivar, walking around various districts running errands or killing time, or making my way home via crowded and hectic buses to catch a few Z’s before almuerzo.

I’ve been having a really great time- despite the sunburns, never ending sicknesses/infections/various health issues- and am all moving into my new departamento en San Miguel. El Instituto de Idomas in San Isidro is about 45 minutes to a hour in bus, which has been fine, but the 1 hour and 45 minute bus rides to La Molina will start in march when I start Universidad a San Ignacio de Loyola.

Right now I can smell Isaac cooking us some kitchen and an omelet in the kitchen while I jam to some cumbia. The cool peruvian breeze is feeling great on my sunburnt shoulders this evening… time to go eat cena!



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2 responses to “Living in Lima

  1. What a life you are living, little one. Stay out of the sun though — that glorious rosy suntan now, that hurts a little, is an invitation to terrible problems in the future! I love you honey… hi to Isaac! Gramma

  2. Kristine

    girl. i love your little blog entry about peru. miss youuuu hermanaaaa.

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