WHY am I craving taco bell so bad right now…? I just want to go to taco bell and skip the gym then kill myself…. PERO BUT that’s not acceptable.

I’ve been looking at pictures of skinny women and eating an apple. Also just put on some music to pump me up to go to the gym.

Some of my favorite pump up songs are:

  • I Fucking Bleed Purple And Gold: Super Mash Bros.
  • Stereo Love: Edward Maya
  • Danza Kuduro: Don Omar
  • Bottoms Up: Keke Palmer
  • Dirty Talk: Wynter Gordon and David Guetta
  • Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor): T-Pain and Pitbull
  • Lovumba: Daddy Yankee
  • Taboo: Don Omar
  • Fever: Cascada

… to name a few.


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One response to “PORQUE TACO BELL, PORQUE?

  1. makes me feel like dancing just reading your list!!!
    Love you

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