Off To A Bad Start….

I have been feeling So groggy and sleepy lately. I think for the most part it is because I’m mentally checked out of school and Arizona, and the wait for my arrival in Peru is killing me BUT also because I’m out of shape and keeping a pretty bad diet.

Today I had a late start to the day but for breakfast/early lunch I had an apple and 2 bananas during the morning- when I got home from class I made myself a yummy tuna fish and spinach salad.

From there it all went downhill- I needed more spinach so I walked to the store (my only exercise of the day aside from a slow and exhausting bike ride to + from class) and was drawn to the COOKIES… oh no. So I bought some cookies, already ate 3 or 4 today (FML) and now I’m laying in bed wishing I hadn’t.

I really need to get my ass to the gym, or at least do some home workouts. Not much cardio I can do from my room, but at least I can do some strengthening exercises. I like this “workout in bed” video I posted below.

During my lazy day I watched a GREAT movie: Amores Perros



Let’s hope tomorrow I drag my lazy ass to the gym! and maybe throw out those cookies?


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