Feliz Dia Padre!

Thanks for everything dad: the comedic relief, the weekly speeches ending with feelings of the worlds impending doom, the financial support (again… and again… and again…), my daily meals… you do pretty damn good for a father.

For today, in addition to stealing mom’s credit card to restock the kitchen with Lily, buying dad 10 assorted (fancy + organic!) chocolate bars, and working a full shift in the kitchen, I came home ready to cook a big meal for the papa bear. Nothing else could have given me a better look into the daily life of Robby Bick. I slaved over 2 delicious Indian dishes (I was VERY NERVOUS would get fucked up along the way…) for a few hours, then crashed out after eating some blueberry pie from the Black Dog…

But I want to give props to these 2 recipes I used:

Some flavorful Chicken Tikka Masala filled everyone up, and lit a fire on everyone’s taste buds! Luckily in my house we all love our food HOT! I ended up making almost double the recipe for the sauce- which I recommend. I always say it’s better to have too much than too little- and that ALWAYS applies with sauce!

For my vegetarian sister in a house full of meat lovers, my dad always has to cook an extra meal for the girl, so I followed suit and made some Tandoori Lentils and Sweet Potatoes! They were easy and packed with flavor, without being too spicy. A good balance with the spicy chicken!

Can’t wait to try out a new recipe, but a new respect goes out to Dad for doing it every day!


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  1. what a family! Love you all!

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