buenos dias

Hola! Here I am on a lazy Sunday basking in the sun outside waiting for my [much needed] laundry to get clean. This was a fun weekend, and I got some [much needed] rest!

It’s hard to believe I’ve only volunteered for 2 full weeks, it seems more like 2 months. I love it though, I’d be happy doing this the rest of my life…. and with a degree in social work, it’s possible I will be doing stuff like this my whole life. I found out this week about getting into Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona, which made my week! I couldn’t believe how fast I heard back from them. I think about how I wish I could move here to Lima every day, but knowing when I get home that I have a new place to settle down in is comforting.

So, about this past week: it was great! On wednesday and friday I took two different groups of kids from Semillitas (the home for children with special needs-Semillitas means “little seeds”) to the beach, and boy was that exhausting. The kids had so much fun playing in the waves, and it makes me so happy to hear them laugh when the water crashes down on their feet. Even when someone’s falling face first into the water, they’re still laughing. It’s great, I love working with the kids at Semillitas. We also went to the beach on thursday with the whole group of kids we teach in Pachacutec. That was equally exhausting! Those little girls love to be picked up, and as soon as I was able to put one down, I had at least 3 more begging me to pick them up. Needless to say, I’m building up some muscles here in Peru. After three days at the beach I had gained a lot of color! Luckily I take in the sun pretty well, but some of the volunteers are getting really burnt!

On friday afternoon I headed to the black market! It was crowded and hectic, but didn’t seem too dangerous, I assume it gets worse at night though. I went because I decided to buy myself a cheep cell phone to use locally, and I found one for just 25 soles, which is about $7. I’m able to get calls for free, but until I put some credit on my phone I’m not able to make any calls.

On tuesday at Pachacutec we had a short english lesson and the other volunteer that teaches the age group we work with (the oldest kids of the bunch, all around 12, 13, 14) a present from both of us. We gave them each a pencil case, filled with a complete set of colored pencils, a sharpener, a regular pencil, some candies and chocolate, a mini notebook/journal, some balloons, and some fake tattoos. They loved it! I had a moment where I thought to myself, “man, I love seeing these kids smile when I give them a gift, I can’t wait to have kids of my own to spoil all the time!” I’m not sure if that’s a good thought to have or not… haha. That same day at Pachacutec we did tye-dye with the kids, and it was so fun. The volunteers got covered in multicolored dye, but it came off our skin easily.

All in all, this has been a great week. I wish I could keep up with this blog better, but I’m so busy all the time! I’ll try to get on more next week, but in the meantime here are some pictures from the beach at pachacutec!


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  1. elissamyers

    Rosie this is amazing! We are so proud of you and of what you are doing!
    We love you honey! Keep writing and send more pix! XXOO Gram

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