el primer fin de semana

These first couple days have been great! I’ve been here a very short amount of time and am already in love with peru! “Me gusta peru para siempre…”

Yesterday I went into Miraflores con mis chicas. Get this! So there’s a park in Miraflores called Kennedy Park, but is known as cat park because it’s filled with stray cats! Everywhere you look there’ll be a cat or a kitten, it’s adorable, but sad to see so many strays. Apparently they are not stray because they were placed in Kennedy park to control the mouse and rat infestations, and there is some animal welfare group that checks up on them, but I pet one and she seemed rather unhealthy.

I tried the local alcohol called Pisco. Made from the skins of grapes (I believe) is pretty good! Goes down fine, didn’t knock me down!

Today we went into Central Lima which seemed much busier, but this is a big city, so both Central Lima y Miraflores are busy.

In Central Lima we went to the San Francisco Church and Convent that began getting built in 1546. There we toured the gorgeous cathedral. No pictures were allowed, but I was dying to take some! It was stunning in there, from the library to the garden, and the church hall to the catacombs. We also got to tour the catacombs which were pretty awesome! Thousands of real bones were displayed throughout the rooms, skulls and all.

We spent the rest of the day walking around, sampling food on the streets, shopping for little souvenirs, getting to know each other better, and simply exploring the city. I never took myself for a city girl, but I really love it here. I supposed I usually like where I am whether it’s Vermont, Martha’s Vineyard, or Lima! I’m so happy to be here, as anxious as I was upon my arrival, I’m absolutely positive this is the place for me right now.

Tomorrow I begin the volunteer work! I am so excited for it. I’m dying to meet the adorable children everyone always talks about and shows me pictures of. I’m curious how everything works, I’m rather vague about how everything goes down and what our average day is like, but I’ll find out soon enough!


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