So I’ve arrived! I’m in San Miguel, a district in Lima, Peru.

I’ve kept me cool this entire planning process, but it really hit me when dad and I were in line in Newark and I hear the intercom say, “Would rows 25 through 40 please enter the aircraft now.” Before I knew it I was crying and shaking head to toe, but I managed to say goodbye to dad, and walk onto the plane. 8 long and uncomfortable hours later, (I watched 1 episode of 30 rock, 2 episodes of the office, 1 episode of futurama, ‘he’s just not that into you’, ‘easy-a’, and an episode of some show all about puppies, I’ll be good without tv for a long time…) i land in peru, smoothly get through customs and baggage claim. i eventually found my ride, and here i am. the house is great! and i got to meet a few volunteers, all of whom live here with lidia, the ivhq lima director, and her husband, mother, and two sons.

after a long day of travel and anxiety, i’m ready for a good night of sleep.

hasta luego!



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2 responses to “ARRIVAL

  1. Jenni

    You’re off to a great start Rosie! Buena suerte mi hija!

  2. What a wonderful and exciting trip you are on! I love the blog!!!! Keep writing!

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