1. make my own candles
2. walk around the island (martha’s vineyard) perimeter
3. get my palm/tarot read
4. be fluent in a foreign language
5. drive cross country
6. raise a puppy and have it be my best friend
7. get SCUBA certified
8. visit all 7 continents
9. swim in all the seas
10. paint faces at a fair/carnival
11. sing in a karaoke bar
12. grow my own sprouts
13. work on a farm
14. volunteer in an orphanage
15. live in a city
16. ride a horse across an open field
17. learn to rock climb
18. skin an animal
19. read war & peace
20. parasail
21. go to Israel
22. hike the Appalachian Trail
23. learn an instrument
24. live in a trailer park
25. bee keep
26. sleep in a tee pee
27. visit/ live with an indigenous people
28. work on a ranch
29. live off the land
30. get a lip piercing
31. plant trees
32. have an herb garden
33. attend a protest
34. meditate
35. change a tire
36. work in a kitchen
37. have surgery
38. perform on the streets
39. act in a [non school related] play
40. white water raft
41. practice a nature religion
42. fight global warming
43. fall in love
44. get in a fight
45. crowd surf
46. beat my dad in a game of chess
47. foster an animal
48. go tagging (spray paint)
49. learn to skateboard
50. hula hoop tricks
51. fill a journal front to back
52. give birth
53. skydive
54. dance at a ball
55. visit a concentration camp
56. drive stick
57. learn to bartend
58. pole dance like a pro
59. ride a motorcycle
60. publish a book
61. be the vice over in a cartoon
62. sell artwork
63. eat fresh moose
64. cook a holiday meal for my family
65. graduate college
66. be an extra in a movie
67. learn to make fire
68. wander the desert
69. stay in a hostel
70. be competent+ confident in wilderness skills
71. waitress
72. touch a snake larger than I am
73. have a meaningful conversation with a complete stranger
74. compete in a triathlon
75. wear a native American head dress
76. brew my own beer
77. be in an eating contest
78. knit a hat
79. have a pen pal and met up with him or her
80. spend the day with a homeless person
81. host a radio show
82. go to a rave
83. write a rap
84. watch top 100 films of all time
85. plant a tree
86. shoot a gun
87. learn to tango
88. write a song
89. sew something I can wear
90. create my own bumper sticker
91. memorize the hannukkah prayers
92. read all 3 lord of the rings and the hobbit
93. have a youtube video channel
94. swim with dolphins
95. see the northern lights
96. build an igloo
97. perform in rocky horror
98. play an elaborate practical joke
99. mud wrestle
100. live on a boat


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